Top 10 Places to Visit in Spain – Should Visit Once In A Life Time

Top 10 Places to Visit in Spain – Should Visit Once In A Life Time

Spain has dynamic metropolises, breathtaking landscapes, and culture with its own celebrated sites. There are many cities in Spain that have many attractions for tourists as well as local people. If you are planning to visit europian countries Spain ha steeped in culture and with a wealth of history to discover. Also, it is popular for sights, culture, seasonality and expert opinion to come up with the best places to visit in Spain for all types of travelers. So here we have suggested some to Top 10 Places to Visit in Spain – Should Visit Once In A Life Time. 

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Spain – Should Visit Once In A Life Time


This beautiful masterpiece is located in the south deserves at least a few days to explore. Granada is one of the most famous cities in Spain which has a history of love. This palace is worthy of fairytales of some of the most beautiful Islamic art and architecture in the world. Wherein Sacromonte area is popular for white caves known as the home of the city’s gypsy community. It has more extreme weather than others like dry heat in the summer and chilly spells in the winter.


Alicante is a coastal city which is extremely popular for holiday destination and draws visitors from around the world. Also, you can explore the Benacantil mountain which has an amazing moring view that will make your day full of inspired by the magnificent structure. This pace is filled with walking streets and markets which consist of delicious restaurants and nightlife which is very entertaining. This place has a worth to explore which has a buzzing city beach that has the dramatic Mount.


Spain has the second city which is always favorite with visitors for its stunning Mediterranean location. Barcelona is very famous for its iconic architecture and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Also, you can visit Mount Tibidabo for sparkling views across the city to the sea beyond. This is place has some of the architects lesser-known such as Tibidabo Amusement Park, Park Guell and many. Whereas mountain place is best for cycling or hiking.


This city will give you a taste of cosmopolitan architecture in this city. Seville is the city’s historical monuments to truly appreciate its rich past which you can explore. It has a beautiful sequence of 80 chapels which is the largest Cathedral by volume in the entire world. Plaza de Espana is also popular whixh has covered an impressive 50,000 square metres and is one of the most beautiful places in the city. The city is also home to the lively flamenco culture where you will see the passionate and dramatic visual art form.


Madrid is the capital city of Spain and it is also a great destination for a European vacation. It has unique elegant and classy with ornate architecture and perfectly manicured gardens and parks. Its is filled with spectacular works that will take you back to the 12th Century. In the center of the city, there is a park which is a great place to escape Madrid’s busy and bustling city center. Also, the park contains lavish water fountains and expansive greenery which is widely popular.


The city is the capital of the Basque Country in Spain and incorporates some traditional Spanish architecture. It consists of the most popular Guggenheim Museum is Spain which was built in 1997 by Frank Gehry and it is made up of undulating titanium. Even this has many tourist attractions in which small port city tucked away in Northern Spain is a great vacation location.


This place is located in northwestern Spain which is part of the Castile and Leon region. The Old City of Salamanca is very popular and also granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1988. It has a great atmosphere and vibe that will instantly make you feel at ease.


This ancient city is located high on a hill looking over the plains of the Castilla-La Mancha. It is not big and beautiful like Barcelona and Madrid, but smaller cities like Toledo are well worth a visit too. The city is rich and home to has monuments and statues for Arab, Jewish and Christian communities.


Many tourists often neglect Malaga’s wonderful architecture and rich heritage in favor of a beach party. Whereas, it is a well-known destination for European tourists and the home to big high-rise holiday resorts and hotels. Malaga has an international airport that flies regularly to many European destinations.


Cordoba is a huge and formidable piece of architecture which is the main attraction to visit in Cordoba. It has a Grand Mosque which has unique Moorish imprints and Islamic design. The old town with its cobbled streets is definitely a city to visit for a taste of explosive culture and history.

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